Feeling 24

Busy Life Getting Ahead


Well hello hello gais ! It;s been a long time since I didn't update my blog. I'm just change a lil bit  and yeahh what you looking at now is my new blog after some coding here coding there. Well, now I'm in degree ! Wohooooooo ! BSC(HONS) E-BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENTIn Collaboration With LIVERPOOL JOHN MOORES UNIVERSITY, U.K. And now I'm gonna sit for my first final examination for degree. And I was like so not into it. Brahh! It way to fast that what I expected. I just cool down with all my assignment and now I have to concentrate to my final exam. Despite all this, I have to pass and get good pointer. If I didn't, I can't stay here anymore. I mean my rent house. Opppsyy! Forgot to tell that now I'm living at my rent house with my college mate and located beside my college. I have through a busy life since in degree. Therefore, I have decided to stop working for awhile and focus up to my study. Wish my luck for my final exam gais !