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Have you ever wondered what is the reality of our life. Why do we even exist. Does our existence even matter. Are we even worthy of what ever we are having. Do we deserve to be having all these pleasures and happiness in life. Have we ever considered the one who brought us to being. Have we ever been grateful to the One who is the soul reason of our existence. Have we ever thanked Him for granting us all that we have. 


Even then, how arrogant and ignorant we are. Having all the extravagances of life; or for that matter many more facilities and luxuries as compared to lot of the others, we are still so un-thankful to our Lord.
Have we ever wondered why has He bestowed so much upon us ?

Ponder on it.

Own the things that belong to you. Serve them as they serve to you.

Be loyal to you Creator.
Be a part of your surroundings. Your are the one who makes or breaks his surrounding set up.
You be good, your surrounding be good.
You be bad, your surrounding be bad.
Be a part of a positive integration of every thing.
Be the reason for prosperity not failure.

Im so thankful for still having my mom aside me  💖👪