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Tips for fresh grads: Applying for a job

Tips for fresh grads: Applying for a job
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Even though my experience is just merely 2 years as a recruiter, but I do learn a lot, A LOT in how to apply for a job in a correct/official/manners way.

So let me share with you what you need to do to apply for a job. Especially to fresh grads. I received a lot of ‘I don’t want to call him/her for the interview’ email. It doesn’t matter if your lecturer didn’t teach you how to apply for a job properly, the least thing you can do is GOOGLE. Its 2018 ! We are almost to the year where there is flying cars in the air. Please move your ass & start googling.

These tips are based on my experiences & observation.

For those that not graduate yet, I suggest you to build your connection by:

  1. Create a LinkedIn account. What is LinkedIn ? Basically its like FB, Twitter but this is for career, jobs & professional platform that related to only work. You can add as many connections as you want. Preferably HR person because other than JobStreet, we also post available vacancy here.
  2. Internship. Be good & do good with the staff & client from your internship company. Because we never know if the company like your performance & would like to offer you as their permanent staff. Grab every opportunity that you can sense.

As for those who already graduated, you can post in your LinkedIn about your availability & interest like this jobseeker.

This is a very good example.

You also can try to DM the HR & ask for any vacancies that suits your qualification.

If you did emailed the HR/company to apply for the available vacancy, here is what you can do to follow up:

1.     Email them to ask for a follow up/feedback
2.     You did the first step, but still no reply ? Then you gotta call the company & ask directly to the HR about the position.

Lets take a look on how your resume should look like.
Please take note that this is based on my experience & my client requirement which is from various industry (i.e. oil & gas, accountancy firm, bank, financial institution and etc)

  •     Your personal details
  •     Education (year, course, CGPA & university)
  •     Professional Certification (if any i.e. ACCA)
  •     Final year project (if any)
  •     Working experience (if any)
  •     Internship experience (duration, company name, job responsibilities)
  •      Computer skills & language proficiency
  •     Your availability to start work

Now we move to proper way to sent resume through email.

  1. Please please please don’t you ever dare to sent one email to multiple recipient. Jangan jadi pemalas sangat. Makan rajin, taip banyak sikit malas. I received this kind of email a lot. & sorry not sorry, straight away to trash.
  2. For subject, please put something like ‘Application for Mechanical Engineer’ and so on. This is the only this you should put in subject.
  3. The body. This is where you should make a paragraph about yourself starting with ‘Hi XXX, My name is XXX…..’ Do brief a little bit about yourself i.e. name, graduate from where & looking for what in your career.
  4. Attach your CV. Some company prefer words copy and some prefer PDF. Its up to you.

As for JobStreet, Its better if you have 2 version.

  1.     Your own resume
  2.      JobStreet resume

What I meant by JobStreet resume is from HR view. Not every vacancies we posted in JobStreet. Sometimes we just search with keywords. & if happen your profile match the keywords & requirement, the HR need to buy your CV which will cost the company and there is a possibility that they don’t buy it. So, I suggest you to put your contact details in job experience like this example.

Who knows by this, it will increase your chance to get call for an interview.

Sekian sedikit kata-kata dari saya.
Selamat maju jaya & all the best for you job hunting 

Im engaged 💍

Im engaged 💍
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Alhamdulillah, after 1 year & 4 months as girlfriend & boyfriend, and to be exact, maybe 2 years as a friend (pernah chat sekali dua lepastu tak bertegur), we got engaged on 6th January 2018 at my hometown, Alor Setar, Kedah.

Everything went well. So on the event, we had tahlil, majlis kesyukuran for Uncle Shimy since he got a new job with Qatar Airways & majlis doa selamat for Along as she will go for umrah soon. My majlis start right after Zohor.

& now im officially engaged to Muhammad Nurizwan !!! 💖

Even though he is younger than me but the way he took care of me, the way he speak to me, soft spoken & everything….. no one ever done that to me.
That’s make me fall in love with him.
& of course he wouldn’t dare to say NO to my request (especially when it comes to foooooood!)

Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki kita untuk berkahwin.


dUCk Cosmetics: #girlpowder

dUCk Cosmetics: #girlpowder
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Everyone was so hips for the new line of dUCk: dUCk Cosmetic.
But im not into their cosmetic product because nahhhhh….. biasa biasa je. For me it just the same like other products. Got lipstick, eyeshadow & so on.

I was so thrilled to try their dUCk powder because of their packaging. Well, girls ! Cantik kot that purple things.
& I did. I buy one.

But mehh…… the powder is so-so je.
Tak cover anything even the oily part (as stated it will cover)

Price: RM90
Rate: 4/10

Sorry dUCkies !
But Im all in for the dUCKscarves !