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Company Retreat to Melaka


Its been a great 1 year & 10 months to complete my journey with TalentWork Sdn Bhd from Admin Assistant & almost resigned after raya & been counter offered to Research Assistant & here I am now as a Research Consultant. There is always ups and downs with every career.

Every year boss will organise annual trip which is not in Malaysia but this year, 2017 due to economy & company revenue, there's no annual trip. So boss replace it with company retreat to Melaka.

To summed up everything, here's the picture.

First pit stop: Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball. Boss make us walk around 30 mins from our hotel to this shop #ketiakbasah #butmuststaycoolforgoodpicture 😭💦

We took this picture just because of Andy's game 

& of course this picture because of Andy's game (again). Take a picture with blue monster. I never knew that Melaka got Mamee Store (& expensive)

This is in Mamee Shop. Siti through the sign 😜

For the night, our dinner is at Kokcek (i don't remember the exact name) Nyonya Restaurant. Not bad lah. My mom masak lemak udang still the best !

& yes this is our General Theo a.k.a our boss a.k.a our ATM Machine of the day. He loves anything with green (like this big portion of cendol & 💸)

Before we hit back to KL, we stopped at Klebang Original Coconut Shake. Well, the coconut shake doesn't taste like coconut at all. More to ice cream. I give 3 out of 10, mehh. 

Last but not least, a FORMAL group photo of us. I'm always infront in every photo. Why ? Because I'm short !

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